Girls Education Initiative of Ghana

GEIG provides academic and financial support for girls and applicants with special needs so that they can access higher education and professional opportunities.

Our Third Year Begins...


This August, the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, GEIG, began its third year. When I began drafting a strategic plan in graduate school for the organization, I never thought we will be entering the beginning of the end of the pilot phase. We have come a long way on this journey.
We have transitioned Hamdala and Barbara to senior high school and this school year Martha, Nhyirah, and Bridget will also enter senior high. With this, we are happy to introduce "The High School Plan", the second component of the GEIG Learns academic support program. We are equally looking forward to begin recruiting GEIG's second cohort of beneficiaries later this year. As part of the vacation classes session we started the community service component of the GEIG Serves program, the third core program. We visited the Asiafo Amanfro community school and the the Akaa Project in the Eastern region of Ghana to support the school community with a service learning project. More from our trip here.
With you on this journey with us we are confident we will continue to make the positive impacts we have been making.