GEIG Partners With Butterfly Dreamz Inc

GEIG is ecstatic to announce our partnership with Butterfly Dreamz Inc. to offer our girls and community participants a storytelling and literacy workshop as part of our third vacation classes/ summer school session this August. Together, we are fundraising  to get the Butterfly Dreamz team to Ghana.

Butterfly Dreamz is publishing the HerStory journal to support the fundraising efforts to bring the team to Ghana. The HerStory Journal is perfect for mothers and daughters, mentors and mentees, or any woman/girl combination!

Butterfly Dreamz is creating a journal that features some of the short stories and DIY (do-it-yourself)  activities we use in our HerStory workshops. The HerStory Journal is perfect for mothers and daughters, mentors and mentees, or any woman/girl combination! More information at

Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CLED)

CLED is a non-profit organization in Ghana that works for children and youth with learning disabilities and mental health challenges.

Patriots Ghana

Patriots Ghana is a registered non-profit non-governmental organisation that serves to develop, encourage and empower Ghanaian citizens and organisations to undertake community services geared towards national development. Patriots Ghana also work with all international volunteers/Interns and organisations that have the passion and interest to contribute to Ghana’s development in areas such as Health, Education, Human Rights, Research and Advocacy, cross cultural exchange and Economic Development.

Vedic Math Ghana

Vedic Math Ghana was founded on October 1, 2010 in Accra, Ghana. The purpose of the organization is to help diminish the mathematical challenges in our schools and society. The organization seeks to improve the basic challenges in our schools and society today and develop programs for children and teachers who need help on how to effectively lead a mathematics classroom through building confidence and competence.


LUV: Our mission is to globalize the classroom and facilitate seamless collaboration between students from around the world via pioneering Global STEAM (STEM + Arts) enrichment courses.GEIG has partnered with LUV to offer an introductory coding course, and the Global Scientist course for our students and second grade students at the Benstel School System, a GEIG partner school in the Ashanti region

NAPE Foundation/ PALM Institute

GEIG has signed a partnership with the NAPE Foundation / Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership to offer programs for Ghanaian students at the tertiary level to initiate “Project Impact”, our post secondary activities and programs.

Faytex International Partnership

We’ve also joined forced with Faytex International Sanitary pads to offer education about safe and healthy menstrual hygiene and practices. With Faytex’s support GEIG beneficiaries will serve as ambassadors. They will conduct workshop.