“She could be the next president of her country – if only she could read or write.” UNICEF, 2010

Girls Education Initiative of Ghana Programs

GEIG Learns

Selected students for the program will be required to receive corrective classes and workshops, should there be a need, to ensure smooth academic transition to junior high school, JHS, Senior high school, SHS, and college/university in the junior and senior years of senior secondary school.

GEIG Leads!

Beginning the academic year of admission to GEIG, Students will be required to hold membership and if possible, a leadership role in a campus club/organization or community. GEIG will facilitate leadership workshops and speaker series with young professionals and students will be matched with a mentor in JH1. Each student is matched with a university age female student or young professional who volunteers to mentor a student throughout until her graduation from GEIG at the end of senior high school. Mentors share their knowledge of academic and professional paths, offer exposure to new experiences, and are assets in each student’s academic, professional, and personal development.

Women who Inspire Us Speaker and Workshop series

The “Women who Inspire us” workshop series, will facilitate leadership and professionalism in GEIG students.
Program Goals
1. To expose students to university age and young professionals
2. To encourage students to aspire for higher education and professional opportunities
3. To facilitate mentoring relationships between students and participating speakers
4. Provide speakers opportunities for knowledge sharing with students
5. To instill professionalism in students
Workshops will take place at the end of each school term comprising of 3 workshops each academic year


GEIG Serves

Following each academic year, students will be expected to obtain internship or volunteer experience to aid in their professional development.

PURPOSE: To cultivate a culture of volunteerism in our students and reinforce reciprocity within the community. Public service is critical to students’ personal and professional growth. All students must commit to fulfill a total of 100 hours of community service either in their home or school communities.

Junior Internship Program

Internships and professional exposure is important to comprehensive education. Experience outside the classroom will expose students to critical elements of careers and professionalism, and develop sustainable life skills. Students must earn consideration for the Junior Internship Program following the criteria outlined below. Students are eligible for the Junior Internship Program following the JH2 academic year. GEIG will help facilitate small stipends on behalf of the students who are placed in professional settings. The monies earned from students’ junior internship experience will be used to subsidize students’ education i.e. textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, and other academic needs in the following academic year. GEIG will advise and assist students in opening bank accounts to save these monies for future use.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Academic performance- students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered.
  2. Attendance- students must have a solid attendance record where they aren’t absent for no more than 5 days in a term without valid excuse(s).
  3. Indicate leadership ability- this will be decided upon a teacher’s recommendation of student’s leadership and potential.

A typical Internship will Include

  • Hourly salary of minimum wage or higher (as designated and agreed upon by the placement organization and GEIG)
  • 6-8 week commitment over the summer months
  • 35-40 hour work week
  • A designated supervisor
  • Job duties and responsibilities appropriate to the company
  • Exposure to a professional setting

The 2016 vacation classes

We spent the first 3 weeks of August at the Ejisuman Senior High School. Our third vacation classes session was impactful. Apart from the usual intensive and engaging academic training program, our students went through an exciting four day writing workshop, where we were joined by non GEIG students from Esreso D/A2 junior high and St. Augustine’s junior high school. The four day workshop session ended with 5 student’ authored short stories. Watch the announcement of Team Sakofa’s “A True Friend Worth Many” as the competition winners. Students participated in a jewelry making workshop and excursions  to Bonwire, Lake Bosomtwe, and also engage in community service at the Akaa ProjectClick to see more

Project Impact

Students following college matriculation will be required to work in Ghana so that they can contribute to the development of their home country. Graduates will be expected to serve as mentors for future participants in the programs.